Business Support

Due to its long track record, Garden Retail Management Support knows the entire garden center market and has knowledge of many aspects of business operations in retail. This means that Garden Retail Management Support can and wants to provide services / support to suppliers, service providers and governments, when they are or want to be active in the garden center industry.


Market analysis and marketing

Garden Retail Management Support can advise and support suppliers / producers in the analysis, design and implementation of marketing plans.

Analysis of exploitation and commerce

Garden Retail Management Support can support banks / financiers and accountants with the analysis and advice regarding operations and organizational, operational and commercial activities to improve the result and / or for continuity questions. In practice this means implementing the improvement plans together with the entrepreneur!


Concept and formula development

These days, not only individual entrepreneurs, but also central organizations and suppliers are faced with the question of whether their “store concept” is sufficiently in line with the changing consumer behavior, now and in the future. Garden Retail Management Support does not have an immediate answer to such questions. But due to its long-term experience GRMS is the sparring partner to tackle such questions and to work together on a future-proof concept or formula.

Construction and furnishing

Bij de bouw en inrichting van een tuincentrum komt het nodige kijken. Het is zaak dat de ondernemer goed weet wat hij wil, qua uitstraling e.d., passend bij wat hij wil zijn qua concept. Maar ook wat hij exact nodig heeft aan meters en waar deuren e.d. moeten komen. Dit voorkomt onnodig werk door architecten en kassenbouwers.
Garden Retail Management Support kan daarin voorzien door helder en concreet aan te geven wat nu exact nodig is. Een intermediair op voorspraak van de ondernemer maar ook in samenwerking met kassenbouwers en inrichters.


Location mediation

Developments in the market are also leading to a reclassification of the range of garden centers. Many entrepreneurs wonder whether their garden center at the given location is future-proof.

On the other hand, there are parties looking for locations for housing or otherwise, or do they have locations that are suitable for garden centers in their portfolio. Garden Retail Management Support knows the market and its entrepreneurs and is therefore a perfect intermediary for both the providers and the searching parties concerning location mediation.

Need help? Or would you like to exchange ideas?

Garden Retail Management Support advises and supports you in analyzing your business situation and drawing up and implementing plans on the way to a thriving business.

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