The garden center sector, even more than retail in general, faces an huge challenge. The blurring of the speciality of the industry and the internet are making garden centers less and less relevant to consumers. And that is exactly what matters! Do I offer my consumers enough, so that they keep coming back? Because when they come back, I can be that thriving business.

But in order to thrive, you have to know what you want, know your place in the market area and be healthy and vital as a company. Garden Retail Management Support can help you in making those analyzes, plans and their implementation, possibly in collaboration with other specialists. Garden Retail Management Support offers the following service package.

Retail Support

Retail Support consists of a package of services aimed at clearly mapping your company in its current situation. External and internal analyzes form the basis for structured and result-oriented advice and / or plan of action. Garden Retail Management Support offers four services within Retail Support.

  • Market and feasibility study
  • Support with financing applications
  • Lay-out and routing
  • Garden center-check

Management Support

Garden Retail Management Support knows better than anyone that analyzing sales data and business operations and setting up budgets and annual plans are only the first steps in the process to improve results. It stands or falls with the implementation of the advice and / or improvement plans. Practice shows that this is often the bottleneck. Garden Retail Management Support offers practical support by periodically guiding the entrepreneur on the basis of the set goals and benchmarks with colleagues.

Team Support

The rapidly changing retail world demands top level sports performance from you as an entrepreneur. However, you cannot do it alone and you are dependent on your team, especially in the execution. You know what you stand for and what you want to go for! The question is whether you also included your staff in this? Do they reflect the things you stand for as an entrepreneur in their actions? It goes without saying that this often concerns personnel costs, which is not surprising because this also concerns approximately 45% of the operating costs. This must be the signal to pay more than average attention to your staff. Competent and well-informed staff generally means committed staff, those who make the difference together with you!

Business Support

Due to its long track record, Garden Retail Management Support knows the entire garden center market and has knowledge of many aspects of business operations in retail. This means that Garden Retail Management Support can and wants to provide services / support to suppliers, service providers and governments, when they are or want to be active in the garden center industry.

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