Management Support

It stands or falls with the implementation of the advice and / or improvement plans.


Business analysis

Garden Retail Management Support knows better than anyone that analyzing sales data and business operations and setting up budgets and annual plans are only the first steps in the process to improve results.
It stands or falls with the implementation of the advice and / or improvement plans. Practice shows that this is often the bottleneck.

Garden Retail Management Support offers practical support by periodically guiding the entrepreneur on the basis of the set goals and benchmarks with colleagues.

  • Monitoring of revenue development in relation to forecast and in comparison with last year and benchmark with colleagues.
  • Monitoring of the realization of costs in comparison with the forecast.
  • Monitoring the use of the promotion budget.
  • Monitoring loss.
  • Monitoring the hours worked and associated labour costs.
  • Monitoring of company purchases and its effect on liquidity.

Quality improvement

This analysis takes place at least on a monthly basis and where necessary, the plan of action is adjusted. This approach ensures that the working method is safeguarded, which means that the quality of processes, quality of the service provision, reduction of costs and thus improvement of the return is achieved.

Need help? Or would you like to exchange ideas?

Garden Retail Management Support advises and supports you in analyzing your business situation and drawing up and implementing plans on the way to a thriving business.

Visiting address

Garden Retail Management Support
Vlietskade 7010
4241 WR Arkel
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 38 04 8000

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