"No growth without cooperation!" reported one of the Dutch banks not so long ago. Collaboration is a must, both within the garden center itself and in the industry. What applies to the industry and the garden center in question, also applies to Garden Retail Management Support. Collaboration with specialists in many areas makes Garden Retail Management Support a complete provider. That is why Garden Retail Management Support works together with:

Smiemans Projecten - Build garden centers
If you, as an entrepreneur in the garden retail sector, have plans to expand, adapt or build new, there are many things to consider. In this day and age, a client therefore benefits from comprehensive advice that is in line with his/her vision of the future and in which all aspects of feasibility, functionality and affordability have been examined. Is there a market for the new development and what are the correct financial forecasts? Intended use, implementation, routing and logistics are important aspects. But certainly the construction, including all technology and architectural solutions, must also meet the requirements, both in terms of implementation and budget. After all, the building facilitates successful entrepreneurship. Flexible solutions are a must in this and the cooperation of various parties within the chain can make a significant contribution. The outcome is then usually greater than the sum of parts. We therefore see many advantages in the cooperation with Garden Retail Management Support. A collaboration that only makes the advice to the customer stronger. And Rob's long term experience complemented by his drive makes him a very enjoyable and highly knowledgeable partner. - Smiemans Projecten


Estherism - Graphic Projects
Surprise the visitor of your website in a pleasant way with clear and relevant information. Design is not only about "looks", but also about how the media works and how to achieve your objective. In addition to "online design" such as the website, it is important that the offline advertising and marketing material connects seamlessly with the online part of your story. In my collaboration with Rob Torn I was able to tell his unique story online in the form of Let me tell your story too. On- & Offline. - Esther Benard | Estherism


GardenRMS partners

Peter van der Meulen (Dutch Retail Concept), Rob Torn (Garden Retail Management Support) and Cor van der Meulen (Instore Building Holland) have joined forces. Thanks to this cooperation, we can provide a wide range of services in business advice and interior design.

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