Retail Support

Retail Support consists of a package of services aimed at clearly mapping your company in its current situation. External and internal analyzes form the basis for structured and result-oriented advice and / or plan of action. Garden Retail Management Support offers four services within Retail Support.


Market and feasibility study

By means of market and feasibility research, we map out your opportunities in the market in a structured manner and based on current data. Where possible, we do this based on assortment.

  • Establishment of the market area.
  • Market range calculation.
  • Analysis of primary and secondary competition and its effect on the market.
  • Market share analysis of the garden center, if possible, based on assortment.
  • Garden center specific potency calculation.
  • Conclusion and advice on increasing the market share and, where possible, of specific ranges and the effect of this on the required w.v.o., stock and staffing.

If such a market research is used in the context of new construction or intended expansion, this research will be extended to a feasibility study. An addition follows with components such as:

  • Concept of investment budgets.
  • Concept of exploits.
  • Conclusion and advice regarding the feasibility of the intended plans.

Support with financing applications

Obtaining a form of financing in the current economic climate is frequently the obstacle to renovation / new construction or investment in inventory, etc.

Garden Retail Management Support has many years of experience in substantiating such applications and has thus built up a relationship with banks. Applications that are always drawn up in collaboration with the accountant of the entrepreneur involved.

These days, it is not self-evident that financing is channeled through banks. Garden Retail Management Support has contacts in the field who can help entrepreneurs with the mediation of alternative financing.


Lay-out and routing

When we talk about the layout of a garden center, we are actually talking about the outer dimensions and areas of the different spaces. For example, the distribution of the spaces in terms of location influences the to be implemented routing.

The term routing does not mean anything other than “the sequence of the assortments presented and the route which the customer must or can follow”.
Practice shows that in many cases the layout has already been determined. There is an existing building or the entrepreneur has already commissioned an architect to make a design.


Garden center CHECK

The market research is an external analysis, the garden center check is the internal analysis. This internal analysis is offered by Garden Retail Management Support at three levels. The sub-levels can also be taken separately. It concerns the following components:

  • Analysis & Advice of the garden center on aspects such as location, accessibility, website, care, presentation and staff. A picture is sketched of how the consumer experiences your garden center.
  • Analysis & Advice of the internal organization. A solid and structured organization with a clear communication structure and thorough planning form the foundation for the success of the commercial operation.
  • Analysis of & Advice on the profitability and vitality of the organization, including using a Trinity analysis. An analysis that forms the starting point for a detailed analysis of the performance indicators and their mutual coherence.

Need help? Or would you like to exchange ideas?

Garden Retail Management Support advises and supports you in analyzing your business situation and drawing up and implementing plans on the way to a thriving business.

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