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The rapidly changing retail world demands top level sports performance from you as an entrepreneur. However, you cannot do it alone and you are dependent on your team, especially in the execution. You know what you stand for and what you want to go for! The question is whether you also included your staff in this? Do they reflect the things you stand for as an entrepreneur in their actions?



It goes without saying that this often concerns personnel costs, which is not surprising because this also concerns approximately 45% of the operating costs. This must be the signal to pay more than average attention to your staff.

Competent and well-informed staff generally means committed staff, those who make the difference together with you!

Garden Retail Management Support helps you to increase the involvement of your team, for example by organizing team meetings with the aim to focus, point out individual responsibilities and share in the organizational goal. But also through individual guidance on the shop floor, based on quantitative and qualitative objectives.

Need help? Or would you like to exchange ideas?

Garden Retail Management Support advises and supports you in analyzing your business situation and drawing up and implementing plans on the way to a thriving business.

Visiting address

Garden Retail Management Support
Vlietskade 7010
4241 WR Arkel
The Netherlands

+31 (0)6 38 04 8000

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